Error Message:

0516-350 /usr/sbin/lvgenminor: The genminor function failed.
0505-148 alt_disk_install: WARNING: an error occurred during backup.
0516-082 /usr/sbin/lchangelv: Unable to access a special device file.
Execute redefinevg and synclvodm to build correct environment.
0505-121 alt_disk_install: Error.
Cleaning up.


# script /tmp/alt_clone.out
# alt_disk_copy -d hdisk* -i / -D -V
# exit

You can search for ALT_MAJOR_NUM= entry in debug file, for example:

+ set value2 = “43” * number 43 is an example
+ + sed -e s/”//g
+ echo “43”
+ + odmget -q value1=43 CuDvDr
+ odmget -q value1=altinst_rootvg CuDvDr
resource = “devno”
value1 = “43”
value2 = “3”
value3 = “loglv02”

You need to delete ALT_MAJOR_NUM=xy from ODM.

For example (number 43):

Could you please run following command and then try to continue the
upgrade again:

# odmdelete -q value1=43 -o CuDvDr